Water Conservation

Water Conservation Is Critical

  • To help residents manage their individual water usage, the City will be rolling out a new system that will allow you to monitor your usage, get tips and personalized information for conservation, and manage your communications, such as leak alerts and forecasting of high water bills. Watch for more information about the mobile-enabled system, WaterSmart, in the summer of 2022.
  • You should also monitor your irrigation systems, water only on your assigned day (based on the last digit of your house number for odd/even days of the calendar) and never water between the hours of 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. when the water will evaporate during the heat of the day.
  • Smart irrigation systems are also encouraged - they will shut off automatically when rain is predicted.
  • Only one inch of water per week is required to keep a lawn green. This will help you keep your water bill at a manageable level.
chart showing how much water leaks waste