How do I dispose of the wood?
  • For elms and oaks, you or your contractor may grind the wood and keep the wood chips on site for landscaping. Once the wood is chipped, it is no longer a threat to spreading either Dutch elm or oak wilt disease. Grinding must occur by the deadline.
  • You may have your contractor haul it off site and dispose of it for you.
  • You may haul it to a wood processing facility nearby. If you are hauling ash, do not violate quarantines. Go to or for more information.
  • Do not sell the firewood or haul it out of the area, which can accelerate the spread of insects and disease and may be against quarantines. Go to for more about why this is discouraged.

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1. What is a certified arborist?
2. What should I ask for when I am hiring an arborist or tree company?
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4. What happens when a tree is infested with emerald ash borer (EAB) , or diseased with oak wilt and/or Dutch elm disease and is marked for removal?
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9. How do I dispose of the wood?
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17. What can I do to protect my oaks from oak wilt?
18. What does DBH mean? What factors influence how much a tree will cost to remove?
19. How did the tree inspector determine property lines, and what if I don’t think the tree is on my property?
20. What if there are power lines over my tree?
21. Does the City mark infested and diseased trees on its own property?