Erosion Control

This page is for developers and builders who have questions about the City of Lakeville’s requirements for erosion control and tree preservation.

Environmental Resources staff review development plans for all wetland, erosion control, and tree preservation issues. We also check each site as development and building activities progress to ensure plans are being followed and all erosion control needs are met.


Developers must follow all City of Lakeville erosion control specifications. Developers are responsible for all erosion control during site preparation and grading activities. Once builders begin, developers are still responsible for as-needed street sweeping, maintenance of inlet protection, and ensuring that all ponds and infiltration basins are protected until all lots in the development are completed and City staff have final accepted everything for the development. A transfer of SWPPP requirements to builders does not eliminate the above listed erosion control responsibilities.


Builders are also responsible for maintaining erosion control on each lot and informing the homeowner of required erosion control measures.