Commercial and Residential Property Backflow Devices

Commercial Property Backflow Devices

Lakeville has contracted with Backflow Solutions, Inc. (BSI Online) to assist with State required cross-connection/backflow tracking regulations. BSI Online will serve as the primary point of contact for the program and can be contacted below. BSI Online is North America’s leading cross-connection control/backflow data management and program administration firm. BSI Online has partnered with over 550 water purveyors to develop and manage effective cross-connection control programs to help protect all our water resources. BSI helps water purveyors by sending notifications, assists with customer service inquiries and manages required data on behalf of the City of Lakeville.  

Residential Property Backflow Devices

Pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) test reports must be submitted to for devices installed on single-family homes, twin homes and townhouse dwelling units. Any RPZ devices installed on common land property for associations need to be submitted following the Commercial Property information above.  Only devices mounted on a single unit and serving its irrigation system should be submitted to